Odyssey Innovation Founder Invited to No.10 Downing Street

First it was Prime Minister Theresa May who awarded our Founder and Managing Director Robert Thompson with the Points of Light award for all his commendable work concerning the environment and recycling; now Prime Minister Boris Johnson as part of the One Step Greener campaign leading up to the COP 26 Conference in Glasgow has appointed Rob as COP 26 Climate Change Ambassador. 

Last week (28/10.21) saw Rob attending a function at No.10 Downing Street to meet the rest of the chosen Ambassadors. Some of the most memorable conversations of the night featured fellow Ambassadors James Owen Thomas (artist), Maria Antonieta Nestor (A Toy's Life and Beyond), Simone Giampaolo (Animation Director) and Sara Thomson (Founder of the Leith Collective).

He says " It was inspiring to meet so many like-minded individuals and hear about their approaches to tackling climate change. It's evident the only way forward to tackling this major crisis is to encourage a full systemic change across all sectors, industries, governments and individuals. Only through collaboration will we succeed. " 

For more information about all 26 One step Greener COP 26 ambassadors please visit:

03 Oct 2021

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