New Product Launch!

2 years ago we asked the public to help us develop a prototype for a 100% recycled and recyclable surfing handplane that would demonstrate the circular economy- and they did! Shortly after the University of Plymouth and the University of Exeter also jumped on-board (pun unintended) to support the project. Finally, we’re proud to announce the launch of our awesome Odyssey Handplane.

For those of you who do not know our multi-award winning small family business, we are the makers of the world’s first and only marine recycled kayak and spend most of our time diverting plastic from dozens of harbours across the UK via our Net Regeneration Program and are pioneers in the global sustainable plastics industry. A few months ago the British Government nominated our Founder and Managing Director, Rob Thompson, as one of COP26’s ‘One Step Greener’ Ambassadors as recognition for all his hard work concerning the wellbeing of the environment.

An estimated 13million tons of plastic ends up in our ocean each year, the equivalent of tipping a dustbin lorry into the ocean every minute. Once lost, this plastic will persist for at least 450 years in the marine environment. Our mission is to recover and recycle as much of this plastic as possible. We do this by capturing this plastic and transforming it into sustainable lifestyle products for all to enjoy.

1 handplane contains the equivalent of approx. 129 bottle tops and can be recycled several times over through our Marine Regeneration program.

The Odyssey handplane was designed by surfers for eco-conscious wave lovers across the globe. The board allows the user full body contact making him/her at one with the wave in the purest of ways! Whether their first time catching a wave or a pro looking for the next tube to ride, this handplane packs some serious fun -if speed, long rides and good vibes is what they’re looking for.

Handplane Features:

● Handles well in all conditions

● Boasts an ultra slim design for superior paddling freedom and increased speed

● Concave underside optimised for further lift, hold and speed

● Comes with a fully adjustable one size fits all comfy 3mm neoprene hand straps system

and wrist leash

● Portable and lightweight

● High quality injection moulded manufacture

● 100% recycled marine plastic collected through odyssey Innovation’s Net Regeneration


● 100% recyclable through our Marine Regeneration Scheme

● Carbon neutral

● Locally made in the South West, UK

● Made from Odyssey Innovation’s Neo Re-Prene Wetsuit Recycling Initiative

● No proficiency required

● Supports behavioral change amongst the fishing community by inspiring a ‘waste to

resource’ attitude

● Supports behavioural change amongst consumers and retailers by offering a unique,

circular economy designed product

10 Oct 2021

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